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Bike setup service

At Ponsonby Physio we are a cycle friendly practice. With the popularity of cycling increasing throughout New Zealand across all age groups, it also brings with it the development of niggles and injuries, which for the most part can be preventable.

Unfortunately, there are some risks associated with cycling in the city and crashes and accidents can be part of the cycling journey, and as a downside can lead to the development of injuries and imbalances impacting your ability to cycle pain free.

Cycling is quite clearly a repetitive motion with most people sitting around a 90+ cadence or RPM (revolutions per minute). This in itself, can lead to problems if you have a bike that is not correctly set up for you.

How a Bike Setup Session can help

As a positive start to your cycling adventures, a bike setup session can go a long way to helping prevent or settle any niggles or injuries. It is also a great way to have a look at your overall posture on the bike, your pedalling technique which can vary from person to person and some education on how and when to use your gears. It seems simple but using your gears better can sometimes be the key to getting more out of your cycling by minimising cramping or just simply giving you a bit more energy to get to the end of your ride.

What’s involved?

At our practice, we use the gym area to set up your bike on a stationary trainer and observe you cycling at various intensities. From here we take a short video of your cycling position and make some measurements based around lower back, hip, knee and ankle position as well as looking at how your upper body positions itself when cycling.

As physiotherapists we have background knowledge into how the musculoskeletal system functions and can determine potential drivers of imbalances through observation and assessment of movement and function off the bike as well. In combination with your bike set up and muscle balance assessment, there are usually some helpful exercises to go through at the end of the session to help work on any imbalances that may have been found.

Bike Setup Session Fees:
    • Private Fee $120.00 (60 minutes)
    • ACC Surcharge $60.00 (60 minutes)

If you’re interested in a bike setup session with one of our physiotherapists, please call us today on 093786890 to make a booking.


Would you like a few cycling tips? Here’s some expert advice to keep you riding well:


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