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Our team of experienced Physiotherapists are passionate about getting the best possible outcome for their clients.

About us

Ponsonby Physiotherapy have been in business for over 25 years. Right from the beginning, our passion has been to provide the best possible treatment for our patients. And we believe treating the person, rather than just the condition, is paramount.

That’s why we like to spend extra time with you during your initial consultation. That way we get to fully understand the cause of your injury and your expectations for rehabilitation.

It also allows us to recommend the most appropriate treatment programme for you, as well as putting strategies in place to prevent recurrence.

We also maintain ongoing communication with your Doctor, referrer or alternative health provider to ensure we achieve the best result for you.

Our team

All of our physiotherapists are highly experienced, with post graduate qualifications. On top of that, they commit to ongoing education every year so we can offer you the most up-to-date treatment and care for a wide variety of injuries. Each physiotherapist also has an area of particular interest so we can offer you specialised treatment when you need it.
When you come to us for treatment, you not only get the skill and experience of your individual physiotherapist, you get the combined experience of the entire team who work together (or with external practitioners where necessary) in order to achieve a full recovery for you.

Toni Bradshaw ( Physiotherapist - partner )

Having experience as an elite athlete herself, (Toni represented NZ in cycling in the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games), Toni has a great empathy for the injured athlete as well as the everyday pains and strains she sees. Since her graduation in 1997 she has completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Medicine from Otago University, the PAANZ Introductory Acupuncture course as well as completing Level 1, 2 and Pre and post-natal APPI pilates courses, all which help her to provide up to date treatment to ensure your recovery is as quick as possible. She has a keen interest in Sports Biomechanics, particularly in cycling and running, and will combine an understanding of the biomechanics affecting your injury in combination with manual therapy and muscle balance to improve your general well being. She is continually interested in on-going education and learning more so she can offer the best help for any problem that presents at the clinic. Toni also understands effective communication with your GP and/or specialist may be key to analysing and treating your problem.

Toni is currently on maternity leave.

Fiona Wilson ( physiotherapist )

Fiona graduated from Otago University in 1998 with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy. She then went on to complete a Post Graduate Diploma in Sports medicine in 2001 and a Certificate in Manual Therapy in 2002. Fiona has also continued to develop her skills in the area of biomechanics, muscle balance and pilates. Over 12 years, Fiona has worked in a diverse range of clinics treating a variety of conditions. She recently returned to New Zealand in 2011 after 4 years of working in Harley Street, London at a clinic specialising in sports and spinal injuries and rehabilitation. Fiona has also worked as a physiotherapist for various sporting codes, ranging from Rugby league, netball, softball to the Xterra triathlon team who competed at the World Championships. She is herself a keen athlete and enjoys competing in triathlons, off road running, mountain biking, skiing, windsurfing and sailing. Fiona has a special interest in endurance athletes and the biomechanics and posture of athletes during sport.

Laura Quinn ( Physiotherapist-partner )

Laura has spent the last 8 years honing her skills as a  musculoskeletal physiotherapist within New Zealand, Australia and the UK. During this time Laura has developed a special interest in spinal and pelvic dysfunction, sporting injuries – particularly in children, as well as assessing and treating biomechanical imbalances.

Laura has also been a team physiotherapist for various sporting events and teams.

Along with her physiotherapy skills, Laura is trained in acupuncture and pilates and uses these skills to help patients regain strength and mobility.  

She enjoys teaching the foundations of pilates one on one and seeing people gain the confidence and strength to move into a class environment.

Laura incorporates her acupuncture skills in both western acupuncture and dry needling techniques to provide a holistic approach to treating and managing a variety of injuries and conditions.

Max Jackson ( Physiotherapist )

Max has recently moved from the United Kingdom to work as a physiotherapist here in New Zealand. He graduated in 2008 from Salford University in England and has since worked in various hospitals and clinics around Manchester, gaining a wealth of experience in all core areas of physiotherapy. He specialises in musculoskeletal physiotherapy and has 6 years experience working in this area in both the National Health Service and in the private health sector. During this time Max has treated a diverse range of patients, conditions and injuries affecting all parts of the body. These include sports injuries, fractures, post op orthopaedic surgery, chronic pain, muscle imbalance, occupational injuries and many more.

Max has invested a lot of time developing his physiotherapy skills since graduating and has completed an assortment of courses including; the AACP Foundation Acupuncture Course, APPI level 1 Pilates, Mulligan’s manual therapy to name a few.  This wide scope of experience allows Max to utilise a range of treatment techniques to work with his patients to rehabilitate them back to full function and achieve the goals he sets in partnership with them.

Outside of work Max likes to spend his time travelling and keeping fit.  He used to be a keen soccer player, but more recently he likes to keep fit by running, mountain biking, playing squash and weightlifting. He uses his passion and understanding of sport, fitness and training to help improve his patient’s general health, fitness and well being.

Louise Hubert

Louise has been with our clinic for 8 years, always providing our patients with a happy greeting, whilst keeping the physios on their toes. Louise is a super keen golfer and although she probably wouldn’t let on, she is pretty good at it too. Louise has four grown children, who at various times have passed through the clinic with their various injuries.

Martina Phillips ( Physiotherapist )

Martina has recently returned to New Zealand after living in Brisbane for the last 7 years, where she has worked in a range of roles in hospitals, community practices, elite sports clinics and in private practice.  She first graduated from AUT in 2007 and is due to complete a postgraduate diploma in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy later this year.  Martina is a qualified Pilates instructor and has also completed certificates in dry needling and acupuncture.  She really enjoys taking time with patients to establish exactly what their condition is and how best to manage it, then using a range of therapies to get them back to doing what they want to do.

Kay Summerhayes ( Receptionist )

Kay is the friendly face on our reception during the week. She has worked in the industry for 3 years, so has plenty of experience maneuvering schedules to fit in optimal appointment times for our patients. Outside of work Kay likes to keep active by walking, biking, doing yoga and getting out on the boat – that’s when she’s not spending time with family.
She will always give you a warm welcome when you arrive.

Client Testimonials

"Laura Quinn has been helping me with a severe lower back injury. I have experienced outstanding treatment and professional service from Laura and found her to be one of the few physio’s who listened to me and built a personalised rehabilitation plan based on my injury. She has helped build my confidence and I feel genuine support from her. Her professional, understanding and caring manner is a real asset to Ponsonby Physio and her patients"

- Bevan

“Thanks, Ponsonby Physio for getting me back to being a 'regular' human, weeks before I would have otherwise. Just over three months ago I fell through a wharf, causing some pretty awful damage to my leg. I couldn't walk, drive, or even put on my own shoes. It was, I have to admit, quite scary stuff. Scary, that is, until I met Pam Finn and the team at Ponsonby Physiotherapy. Pam has been a godsend. Her treatment was (and continues to be) absolutely spot on, and her words of encouragement when I didn't understand what was happening with my injury - and I wondered if things would ever improve - were invaluable! I couldn't speak more highly of Pam and truly believe that her magic hands and wisdom about what I should and shouldn't be doing (exercise and rehab wise) have me back being a 'regular' human weeks before I would have been otherwise. I also have enjoyed the warm welcome you receive as a patient at Ponsonby Physiotherapy. Jan and the girls out front always treat you with a warm smile and more words of encouragement. I don't want to get injured again but when I do get 'tagged and released' (so to speak) I'll actually miss visiting the team at McKelvie St”.

- Andrea

“I won't wait 6 weeks again to learn that a physio can help with just about ANY injury. I was absolutely delighted with my recent treatment. I suffered a heavy fall just before Xmas, bruising my ribs, bone and muscle - ouch! I was given no physio advice by the Doctor - just painkillers and the notion that you can't do anything to support recovery of damaged ribs "you just have to leave them." After 6 weeks of pain, little signs of recovery & not being able to exercise, I contacted Ponsonby Physiotherapy. After 3 half hour sessions I was almost 100% fit again and after another 2 weeks, back to full fitness and my exercise regime. I can't thank you enough for your advice, support and healing hands! I won't wait 6 weeks again to learn that a physio can help with just about ANY injury”.

- Denise

“A huge thank you to you all, for the contribution you have made towards my rehabilitation. I have appreciated your professionalism and also your friendly nature”.

- Steve

“A huge thank you to you all, for the contribution you have made towards my rehabilitation. I have appreciated your professionalism and also your friendly nature”. Steve “I am very impressed with the professional friendly treatment I get from Toni. I feel comfortable with the way my treatment and prevention exercises are explained to me and she always answers any questions I have regarding my treatment and ability to return to the sportsfield. I have now seen Toni for several different injuries and have been rewarded with a speedy, injury free and comfortable return to the sportsfield every time. I would recommend you to anyone with a sports injury.”

- Jacob

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