Our team of specialist physiotherapists design a unique programme for every client. We take the time to understand the true cause of your problem to ensure the right strategies are in place, helping you to regain optimal movement and well-being.


We’re experts in movement and function and use a range of different therapies. Your physiotherapist will discuss treatment options with you which are likely to be a combination of the following:


Manual therapy

Involves hands-on physiotherapy techniques such as joint mobilisation, soft tissue techniques, trigger point release and manipulation.

FMS Biomechanical Assessment

Our physiotherapists apply biomechanical assessment techniques throughout your treatment journey to identify muscle balance issues and address these.

You can also book a dedicated FMS Biomechanical Assessment. This involves a complete body review to identify over or under-active muscles, address movement patterns that may contribute to the development of injuries, and then help to correct these through an individualised exercise program designed by one of our physiotherapists.

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Acupuncture has been widely used in the world of physiotherapy for a number of years and has been recognised as an effective treatment technique.  It has been used to help treat headaches, tennis elbow, shoulder injuries, acute injuries and haematomas to name a few.

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Postural correction

Correcting posture is the first step towards breaking poor postural habits and reducing stress and strain on your body. We assess your posture and muscle imbalances, then provide recommendations for improving your total structural health.

Exercise Prescription

We prescribe programmes of exercises which can be either supervised or carried out at home. This ensures complete rehabilitation and includes fall prevention, return to gym, functional reactivation and pre & post-surgical recovery. Your physiotherapist will tailor a programme to suit you, which you can then access online via our patient portal.

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Rehabilitation Program

At Ponsonby Physiotherapy we offer patients use of our on-site gym free of charge.  We can design you an individualised gym programme to help with your rehabilitation; then you can visit at your convenience anytime during our opening hours.

Kinesiotaping and Strapping

Kinesiotaping is a new and very popular taping technique which can stimulate or inhibit muscle activity, stimulate lymphatic return and moblilise fascia, helping to assist with recovery.


If you are recovering from an injury, looking to regain strength, or just want to improve fitness and flexibility, our Pilates classes are suitable for you. Each class is led by an experienced Physiotherapist. Use of reformer equipment provides added control  & targeting.

Before joining one of our awesome small group classes, you’ll start with 2-3 private sessions to ensure you get the right focus and a tailored programme.

Call  09 378 6890 to make a booking.

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We have a trained massage therapist at our Ponsonby clinic who specialises in sports massage and therapeutic massage techniques. Massage uses a variety of soft tissue techniques to help reduce tension and tightness in muscles, as well as improving blood flow and encouraging relaxation. Varying levels of pressure can be used depending on whether you want a relaxation massage or a sports massage to help ease tight or painful muscles.

Call  09 3905938 to make a booking.

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Bike Fit & Cycling Assessment

If you have a cycling related concern, or simply want to take your cycling to the next level, you can book a bike fitting & cycling assessment at Ponsonby Physio. This one-on-one session is appropriate for all levels of riders seeking improvements and expert adjustments.

During your session our physiotherapist looks at your movement and function on and off your bike. Find out more on our bike fitting page, or call 09 378 6890 to book now.

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Bike Setup Service at Ponsonby Physio

Pinc + Steel

Pinc & Steel is a cancer rehabilitation program for men and women set up by Lou James in 2005 to help people who are receiving or recovering from cancer treatment.  The program is run by fully qualified cancer rehabilitation physiotherapists, with the aim of helping people with their recovery and encouraging them to have the best quality of life that they

can.  Our staff are fully qualified to deliver the program and can provide valuable physical and emotional support for those living with cancer.

Read our article on  Pinc & Steel  – Taking on Cancer  to learn more.

Podiatry services

Mobile Feet Podiatry operates from our clinic every second Tuesday.  The team of qualified podiatrists provide general and sports podiatry services along with minor podiatric surgery.  They are available to help you with your foot, ankle or lower limb problems. As foot and ankle specialists the podiatry team treat a wide range of people including children experiencing growing pains, those with walking and sports injuries, diabetics and elderly with skin and nail concerns.  Mobile Feet Podiatry provides a friendly and affordable service. ACC registered. No referral is required.

Please visit www.mobilefeetpodiatry.co.nz for more information, or call us on 09 378 6890 to make a booking.

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