Massage can address specific injuries and imbalances in the body to reduce pain and increase function.

The benefits of massage

Massage is a manipulation of muscles and soft tissue to reduce tension, increase flexibility and blood circulation, flush out toxins, and promote balance in the body.

To achieve the most effective outcome for each individual receiving the treatment, different methods and techniques are applied. Neuromuscular and trigger point therapy, deep tissue and passive stretches, are utilised and combined to encourage deep release and relaxation.

Sports massage

Massage can be applied as an ongoing maintenance program to increase the body’s recovery while training. Many injuries can occur because muscles have been suffering from tension. When increased strain is placed on muscles during sports activity the tissues can be injured and struggle to recover. Receiving regular massage is becoming an increasingly popular treatment to prevent injury, assist rehabilitation and aid recovery time between training and events.

Relaxation massage

Massage for relaxation is very effective, it has been well researched and documented to reduce stress hormones in the body, creating beneficial chemical changes that can result in pain relief, increased immunity, lower blood pressure, decreased anxiety and depression, improve mood, enhance sleep, improve circulation and reduce fatigue. These effects accumulated will increase resilience and optimise well being in the body and mind.


Our therapist

Our fully qualified therapist is available full time upstairs at the clinic. Mia has helped clients achieve pain relief, injury recovery, wellness maintenance, and relaxation in the USA, UK, and New Zealand since 2004.  Mia blends a number of specialist techniques in each treatment to create the ultimate balance between results you can feel combined with a wonderful massage experience.

Book in today

If you are suffering from any sprains or strains, have chronic neck or back pain, sore muscles from training, over working, stress or illness, or just want a relaxing massage, then call Mia on 09 390 5938 to make a booking.

    • 30 minutes $65
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    • 120 minutes $180

Please call 09 390 5938 to make a booking. Or visit to book online.


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