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Pilates is a series of exercises incorporating the whole body and its movement, with the initial focus on developing an activated and strong core.

Benefits of Pilates

The great thing about Pilates is that it’s good for everyone. From people who’ve had chronic back or neck pain, knee or shoulder injuries to pre and post-natal mums and everybody in between.

Pilates assists in developing strength and flexibility. This not only improves posture, but allows the body to cope with the load that is placed on it daily and during sport and recreation activities. It can help reduce tension and stress through improved breathing technique and postural awareness. There is also the overall sense of well-being associated with movement of the body in a controlled environment.


Join a Pilates class

  • One-on-one sessions: 

A physiotherapist will take you through the key starting points with a focus on posture, breathing and activation of specific muscles. Then gradual progression is put in place tailored to your requirements.

  • Group classes: 

Enjoy our weekly Pilates classes. Classes are restricted to 8 people as this allows our physiotherapists to ensure each person is performing the exercises correctly.

Current Class Schedule:  Tuesday 12.30-1.30pm, Thursday 1-2pm (depending on demand) and Thursday evening 6-7pm.


Our Pilates instructors are all fully qualified physiotherapists, so you are guaranteed to receive quality instruction you can trust that will take into account any injuries or pre-existing conditions you may have.

Please call us on 09 378 6890 to make a booking. Or book online now.


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