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Ponsonby Physiotherapy is a registered ACC provider. ACC subsidies are available for all treatments required as a result of accident or injury, although all patients will have to make a contribution towards the treatment cost.

At Ponsonby Physio we pride ourselves on taking the extra care and time needed to accurately diagnose and treat your condition. Our philosophy is to focus on the quality of your treatment, which takes our patients on a personalised pathway from reducing pain and dysfunction, to preventing the recurrence of injury.



ACC co-payment: • ACC initial 50 mins $60.00
• ACC follow up 40 mins $50.00
Private fees: • Private initial 50 mins $110.00
• Private follow up 50 mins $90.00
  • ACC extended 60 mins $70.00  /  Private extended 60 mins $125.00
  • Private Pilates or PINC sessions 60 mins $110.00, with follow-up sessions at your normal physiotherapy fee.

Off peak charge available to students, or patients who are finding it hard to make payment, $10 reduced.

We also offer the ‘Southern Cross Easy Claim’ system. So rather than collecting all your receipts and sending them off, we can do this for you.

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